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[RPF] *Things get tastefully dirty* [ Crashdiet fanfiction Simon Cruz/Peter London] part 4

Simon opened the door to find a stunningly beautiful petite girl with shoulder length chopy blonde hair, accented with chunks of black and candy apple red dye. She was leaning against the door frame and holding a bottle of Jack Daniels in the other hand. Simon couldn’t help but become aroused, his fading erection becoming rock solid again as he scanned her thin, slightly tanned body, covered only by some skimpy bootie shorts and an unbuttoned flannel shirt. He recognized her as Smokey Daniels, an alternative model, and friend of Myra who had flirted with him after one of his shows last week, but he kindly rejected her, not wanting to cheat on his girlfriend at the time. 

“Hey Smokey, uh what are you doing here?” 
“I got lonely. Do you want some jack?” She said giving him a lustful look and biting her bottom lip causing the porch light to sparkle off the monroe piercing above her top lip.

Simon was entranced by her brown eyes, surrounded by black eye shadow and mascara and before he could offer a reply, she stepped toward him as if to hug him and instead just leaned against him with her head on his chest.  He could smell the whiskey on her breath and with out even thinking wrapped his arms around her. He looked back at Peter and raised an eyebrow in suggestion. The two friends shared silent conversation, Peter smirked and nodded in response. Perhaps what they had been about to do would be a seem a little less strange with a drunk model in the mix.

Simon unwrapped his arms from around her and took the bottle of Jack from Smokey, but left one hand on the small of her back. After taking a long swig from the bottle, he moved his hand down her lower back and onto her tight little ass and gave it a squeeze. This excited her, slightly bringing her out of her drunken stupor as she took her head off Simons chest, faced him completely and pressed her chest against his. She looked up at him, and he quickly bent his head down to place his lips on hers while his other hand found it’s way to one of her boobs. He gave it a slight squeeze before snatching the lace bra and ripping one of the cups almost completely off, releasing her breast from it’s lace imprisonment. Peter cleared his throat loudly to remind the pair, who had obviously forgotten he was still in the room. They separated, Simon wrapped an arm around her tiny little waist, pulled her into the apartment and spun her around while Peter made his way toward them. He pressed himself against Smokey’s back, sandwiching her between him and Simon. He swept her hair from her shoulder and began kissing her neck as Simon placed his tongue in her mouth, but wrapped his arms all the way around Peter. Peter felt something in his gut that he just couldn’t quite understand, he thought that it almost felt like he did when he had first kissed Isabel and he knew he was in love with her. 

As Smokey and Simon kissed passionately and sloppily for several minutes, she put her hand down his pajama bottoms and he unhooked her bra and the remains of it fell effortlessly to the floor. Subconsciously Smokey remembered Peter, and as Simon had let go of him and he began to step back, she reached around with her free hand and found his. Peter took her hand and gave it a squeeze, he still felt like a third wheel though.

Feeling Peter’s hand on her’s Smokey broke her embrace with Simon, spun around to face Peter, nearly tripping on her own feet and falling into him. Peter felt her exposed breasts on his bare chest and stiffened slightly as he slid his hands under her unbuttoned flannel shirt. He ran one hand down her spine, while the other grabbed a chunk of her blonde locks. She moaned softly and Peter lost all control, wild with lust he began stripping her of what little she was still wearing. She bit her lip and teetered on her heals drunkenly as he removed her shorts. Peter pushed her onto the couch, she landed delicately, like a rag doll that had been tossed down. Her brown eyes stared at the ceiling half closed and glazed over with intoxication as she awaited her lovers next move. In one swift motion he dropped his sweatpants and mounted the blonde model. He kissed her neck softly, placing his hands on her skinny little hip bones and he slid inside her. 

Simon watched on for several minutes as the two gorgeous Swedes made love on his couch. He couldn’t help but stare at Peter’s perfect creamy white bottom as it bobbed up and down rhythmically. Smokey let out moans of pleasure and wrapped her legs around Peter’s lower back, right above his butt.

“Hmm she’s flexible, free live porn” Simon thought with a smile as he sat down on a near by chair and slid his hand down his pants. But he thought better of himself and decided to save his desires for Peter later on. “I’ll let Peter be the man for this round, because when I get to him he’s going to be my little bitch.” Simon said to himself as thoughts about sliding his cock into his friends plump little bottom. He grabbed a pack of Marlboros off the coffee table, pulled out a cigarette and placed it in his mouth. Just as he lit it, the rev of a car engine sputtering to stop filled the room. The driver, who had pulled up right in front of Simon’s house laid on his horn, undoubtedly waking some of the neighbors. 

“The fuck is this shit!” Simon barked as he rose and walked over to the window to see a 1987 T-top, cherry red Corvette with no headlights on. He recognized the car immediately, He had seen leave in it at the gig in Uppsala last week.
“Hey Smokey! Your Corvette is in front of my house and someone’s blaring the fucking horn. For fucks sake! If you don’t go out there and deal with this cunt then I’m kicking his ass and taking your car.” Simon rudely ordered. In his opinion, Smokey had over stayed her welcome.

The moans and grunts of ecstasy from the lovers came to a halt. Peter sluggishly climbed off the blonde beauty and thumped to the floor, laying on his back exhausted and pleased. Smokey slowly sat up, a dazed dreamy look on her face, her blonde hair perfectly messy. Simon stood there for a moment struck by the beauty of the naked model on his couch, he forgot what he was doing and began to advance toward her dumbstruck when the  Corvettes horn blared obnoxiously from outside. He snapped back to his senses, scooped up her shorts and flannel shirt from the floor and tossed them into her lap.

“Alright already, I’m going.” She said slightly annoyed. Simon and Peter both gazed lustfully as she pulled on her clothes and strode toward the front door. She opened the door, paused, and looked back at the boys, giving them a sexy smirk before she left. Peter gazed at the door longingly, he had pulled himself into a cross legged sitting position on the floor. Simon watched from the window as she climbed into the car and it sped off. An uneasy feeling crept over him, as if that would be the last time he ever saw Smokey.

“Simon?” Peter spoke softly, as if he were ashamed.

“Hm?” He replied turning to his friend.

“What did I just do? I don’t even know that girl. And legally I’m still married to Isabel. I didn’t even use a condom. I just fucked her like she was disposable. . . .” He trailed off.

Simon walked to the couch and sat down as Peter got up off the floor and at next to him.

“You know it’s really not a big deal, it’s just a one night stand. She’s a groupie, well sorta. I do it all the time. She does too. It’s all in good fun, man. And Isabel’s probably cheated on you dozens of times.” Simon said in a weak attempt to comfort his friend.

He glanced at Peter who was sitting there, still naked and staring down at his hands with a look of despair on his face. Peter’s thoughts were of empathy for Smokey, he prayed she didn’t feel used or degraded. He also hoped that she knew he honestly respected her, and if she hadn’t left so suddenly there could have been a lot more to their brief relationship.

“Dude, you’re still naked.” Simon said with a chuckle. Peter looked over at him with a halfhearted smile as a tear rolled down his cheek. “Crying’s for pussies. Come on dude you just got laid, fuckin’ be happy.”

His companion breathed sharply, fighting back a sob as more tears fell down his face and onto his lap.

“Aw man, come on. Don’t.” Simon said shifting anxiously in his seat. Crying made him uncomfortable, and he really didn’t know how to handle men crying. Peter wiped the tears from his cheeks and licked his lips nervously.

“I. . . I should go,” Peter’s voice cracked as he choked back tears. He could feel Simon’s sudden discomfort and didn’t want to bother him.

“No stay.” Simon whispered gently as he put a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “I’m sorry man, I just.  . . . I just don’t know how to comfort people when they’re upset. I didn’t mean to be, what’s that word, um, insensitive. Look it’s great that you can feel for others and express your emotions. It doesn’t make you weak or. . . You know I have trouble doing that, but I wish that I could. You’re amazing, Peter. I love you.”

Peter looked over at Simon, seeing the sincerity in his eyes. ‘Thank you, I love you too.” He sniffed and wiped his eyes. 

“Would you like a hug?” Simon asked knowing exactly the response he was going to receive. Peter nodded and Simon slid his arm around Peters’ shoulders as he scooted closer and laid his head against Simons chest. He grabbed his other hand and intertwined their fingers. The friends stayed in this position, holding each other for a quarter of an hour.


oh my god, i love this. xD More soon? :D? :D?