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[RPF] *Honey Tongue* [Crashdiet/BlackRain fanfiction Simon Cruz/Swan Hellion] part 2

“Excuse me! You assholes have been fucking for like half a fucking hour, jesus christ on a stick, I’m losing wood over here.” Simon said loudly while looking at Swan and the red head he still had up against the wall and was thrusting rampantly.

“Fuck, Simon, shut the hell up.” He shot back in frustration as he pulled out of Ashton and came all over the brick wall just under her. He pulled her away from the wall as she put her legs down and stepped away, as he zipped himself back in. She saw a troubled look on his flawless porcelain face, as if he were about to cry. She touched his forearm gently and looked at him, their eyes met and she opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by Simon.

“Guy, I found half a bottle of Captain Morgan, well more like a fourth now, you want some? It’s going quick!” he spoke drunkenly. Swan leaned in and kissed Ashton, raising up one arm to flip off his blonde companion and putting the other around the beautiful model. He suddenly broke their embrace looking down at her, completely nude and perfect body.

“Oh you’re still naked. You must be freezing!” He wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug and called over to Simon, ”Get her clothes.”

“Fuck no, I like her naked.” Simon scoffed.

“She is a lady not a fuckin’ sex object, you drunk moron. Get her clothes and stop acting like an ass.” He said, clearly upset. Simon looked a bit shocked but did as he was told, gathered up Ashtons clothes and handed them to her. She mumbled thanks as she began to dress. Swan picked up his shirt off the ground and put it on.

“Oh your jacket. . .” Ashton started.

“It’s fine, it’s leather, it can’t get hurt. Did I mention how gorgeous you are?” Ashton blushed as he put his hands on her hips, she looked up at him, “Do you think I could get your number? I’d love to take you out for drinks sometime.”

“I think you can and I would really like that,” She replied as she stood on her tip toes to kiss him again.

“Ashton!” I deep voice bellowed out from somewhere backstage and she quickly stepped away from Swan. A tall man dressed in black with long black hair approached them, “Ashton, baby, there you are!” he greeted her warmly.

“Jamie? What the fuck are you doing here?” Simon asked puzzled. Both him and Swan had recognized Jamie Anderson on sight, the lead singer of the Swedish band Sister.

“I came to get my girlfriend. So how was the show?” he asked as he approached Ashton, leaning in to kiss her gently on the lips.

“Aw babe I missed it cause of car troubles but then I met Simon and Swan and we having some fun.” She informed him in between kisses as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Where’s the car?”

“I had it towed and it was just a few blocks from here so I decided to walk it but I was too late.” She replied.

“At least you’re ok, I don’t feel comfortable with you walking alone at night. It’s not safe, you should have called me.” He looked at her concerned.

“I didn’t want to bother you. . . .” she looked up at him.

“As if anything you did could possibly bother me, baby I love you.” He said looking deep into her sparkling blue eyes.

“I love you too Jamie, come on let’s go home.” She said taking his hand and leading him toward the door. Swan kicked a beer can across the room, clearing his throat, frustrated. Jamie glanced over his shoulder at him, “It was nice seeing you guys, thanks for taking care of my girl.” He gave them a wave as Ashton lead him out of sight. Simon looked over at Swan who had his arms crossed and was staring intently at nothing.

“That was weird huh? We both fuck Jamie’s girlfriend and then he walks in and thanks us. I had no idea man.” Simon said, slightly less drunk than before.

“You know what’s weird,” Swan said looking at Simon amused and breaking his perturbed state for a moment, “We both fucked Ashton right after each other, so it’s kinda like we fucked each other cause you know the germs and stuff were still fresh.”

Simon looked over at his friend and spoke seriously, “That’s fucked up Swan, that sounds so gay. What is with you damn French people. Fuckin’ fag.” He scoffed.

Swan looked at him, unaffected. “I’m just kidding, that analogy was completely illogical.” He then flopped down on the couch and crossed his arms again. “Is there any more of that rum left?”

Simon handed him the bottle and watched him chug about five shots worth in less than a minute. He then threw the empty bottle, it smashed against the brick wall sending glass shards flying in all directions. Simon had to jump out of the way as a large piece flew by his calf, landing somewhere behind him. “Dude, what’s with you? Is this about Ashton? I know you had the hots for her but c’mon, you just met her and had sex with her against the wall. What did you expect was gonna happen?”

Swan bit the inside of his mouth and looked up at his friend, ”I’ve met her before. We spent a weekend together in Uppsala and she didn’t even fucking remember me. Somehow I’m not as good as Jamie, I mean she can have a relationship with him but she doesn’t even recognize me after we spent an entire weekend just us and you know what? It may as well not even fucking happened!” Swan spoke his anger rising.

“What if that wasn’t the same girl, maybe you got her confused for someone else?” Simon offered

“No, I recognize the tattoo oh her ribs, that is the same Ashton. I couldn’t forget cause. . . “

“Cause she was the one that got away?”

“Exactly, and now she always will be.” Swan looked down at his hands disappointedly.

“Hey she’s gonna remember you know, let her go man, she’s with Jamie. This will always be a beautiful memory for you two or some shit and then when things with Jamie fall apart, she’s gonna come to you. And if not there is always other fish in the sea.” Simon said, sitting down next to Swan and placing his hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah. Yeah what was I even thinking, I have an amazing life and I’m not even looking to settle down yet, I mean I’m almost thirty but that doesn’t matter right.” Swan turned his body, putting one knee up on the couch, so he was facing Simon.

“Yeah, I’m 32 and I haven’t had a girlfriend in years.” Simon paused for a moment and looked over at Swan through the corner of his eye.  Swan was fiddling with a rip in his pants near the knee, not paying attention to Simon, so he turned his head all the way to look over Swan.



“I was wondering, it was cause of something you said. I had a question, you know I’m just curious.” Simon said, much more sober than but a bit nervous.

“What’s that?” Swan gave him his full attention as this seemed like an important matter.

“You’re not like into that shit, you know like with guys. You were just messing with me, right?” Simon spoke uneasily looking at the wall where the rum bottle had smashed.

“I’ve never gone passed like making out with guys, but I believe that love knows no gender and when I find the right person, who they are matters more than what’s in their pants.” Swan said looking at Simon. “Are you ok?” he said putting a hand on his shoulder. Simon jumped at the touch and stood up looking down on Swan, ”You’re right, um good for you. More power to ya, I, ”Simon sighed and sat back down, ”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to go all weird on you.” Simon and Swan just looked at each other for a moment examining each others faces and thinking. Simon then put a hand on Swans knee which was placed in between them.


“No, shhh. I wanted to say that you’re very good looking and one day you’re gonna find someone and fall in love and they’re gonna make you happy and you’re worth it so don’t settle and don’t worry about Ashton or stupid bitches that don’t see how great you are.”

“Wow that was really sweet, thank you. I mean coming from you, it’s a huge compliment. I know you’re not one to get sentimental.” Swan said gratefully, he felt a real connection to his friend, who had never been much more than an acquaintance or friend of a friend before tonight. Swan continued to look at Simon though he had looked away, “You have something in your hair.”

Simon started feeling his hair frantically, “Where? What is it? Is it blood? That shit is so hard to get out, it fuckin’ stains blonde hair you know.” Simon said a bit frantic.

“What? No it’s not, why the fuck would there be blood in your hair? Oh here let me get it.” Swan reached over and pulled out a piece of glass from the top of his head, his hair was down and straightened or Swan would have never seen it.

“It was glass he said holding it up to show him, sorry ‘bout that man.”

“Well is there anymore?”

“Let me check, hold still.” Swan moved closer and looked at the top of Simons head then began running his fingers through some silvery hair, slightly brushing his check with his knuckles. “I don’t see any,” Swan spoke, his face inches from Simons. Simon brought his hand up and placed it around Swans and brought it down to his lap, never taking his eyes off Swans’. Swan leaned in a bit looking down at their hands joined together and then looked back into his eyes, placed his lips on Simons’.